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About  Us


​Since the beginning of time women of color have made great contributions to humanity.  Queen Hatshepshut ruled Upper and Lower Kemet as the first female Pharaoh in the 18th dynasty.  Her rule was an oasis of peace and she thought only of prosperity for the Kingdom.  While managing her wealth so skillfully, she displayed her strength and desire for harmony that no war clouded her reign. Het-Heru, the wife of Heru was often depicted as a sacred cow, symbolizing her nurturing qualities.  Het-Heru was also the goddess of love, beauty, cheerfulness, music, and dance.


​​Historically, the Malik Melodies have embodied the qualities of Queen Hatshepshut and Het-Heru, emanating strength, nurturing, harmony and balance. The leadership and compassion of the Sisterhood combined with our cultural ideologies instills a powerful and respectful energy, and message that is contagious.

We empower both our collegiate and professional membership with not only the key to the door of opportunity, but with the tools  to envision and design new doors of opportunities; all the while forging new paths on roads less traveled. Both our collegiate and professional membership understand we have a civic and social responsibility to leave the world in a better place than we found it.​​

Further, through understanding various leadership styles, understanding emotional intelligence and communication dynamics, we are better equipped for the challenges in our careers and personal life creating a healthy balance between the two. As professionals, we fully utilize our shared leadership experiences for the success of one another and the Malik Melodies Sisterhood, Inc.​​​​​Through outreach, commu​​​​​nity engagement, and social action we strive to make this a reality and MMSI invites you to partner, create linkages, and join us. Together we can do more and be more! ​​

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