Angela Pauling Memorial Scholarship

Our Angela Pauling Scholars

Congratulations to Reneé Franklyn & Brandon Peterson

2021 Recipients of the

Angela Pauling Memorial Scholarship!!

Malik Melodies Sisterhood, Inc. is excited to announce the recipients of our 9th Annual Scholarship and our first year awarding multiple scholarships!  This year's selection was again a difficult one due to our outstanding candidate pool.  We look forward to the continued expansion of our scholarship program. 

Thank you for your contributions and investment into our Scholars' success!


Angela Pauling Scholar

Ms. Reneé Franklyn


Ms. Reneé Franklyn is an effervescent and compassionate leader always willing to lend a hand to those who need it.  As an algebra tutor, she challenged herself to motivate the students around her and to help them persevere when the content seemed overwhelming which led to their success. 


"I always try to connect my passion for education as a way of contributing to my community and recognizing that sometimes failure is the key to success." – Reneé Franklyn


Ms. Franklyn, a very active senior at Harry S. Truman High School was a member of the National Honor Society, member of the Student Government, Shot Put Team, and Science Innovator's Club.  She also served as Lab Assistant in Honors Chemistry and interned at Columbia University Engineer Explore Experience where she worked alongside women engineers from around the United States.


"Since her mother's death, she has become truly passionate about helping others, especially women and children. Reneé was able to turn what felt like the end into a new beginning.  She embraced life at Truman and has not only thrived but excelled.  Reneé is one of those rare, once in a lifetime student I feel that she will do whatever she sets her mind to, and has what it takes to be beyond successful in college and in life."  – Andrea Joubert, Harry S. Truman High School, Bronx, NY


Ms. Franklyn will attend Barnard College of Columbia University in the fall pursuing a degree in Biochemistry, followed by medical school.  Her goal is to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. 


Angela Pauling Scholar

Mr. Brandon Peterson


Mr. Brandon Peterson, a reserved, yet impactful leader has left a positive imprint on his classmates, teammates, teachers, and community.  Deeply thoughtful and introspective, Mr. Peterson is a quiet, yet impactful and proactive leader.  Excelling as a student-athlete in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse, Mr. Peterson also excelled academically as an honors student for his entire tenure in high school.


Mr. Peterson participated in the Cadets Program with the Kent Police Department/Putnam County Sheriff's Department volunteering at community events.  Mr. Peterson also volunteers at the Faith Church Food Pantry.  The pandemic magnified the importance of his service and how vital his role was in helping to ensure his community was able to have food during this unprecedented time.   He also checked in on his senior neighbors, ensuring their walkways were shoveled when needed.


Mr. Peterson describes himself as humble, persistent, and caring; these attributes lend to his success academically, interpersonally, and as an athlete.  When engaging others, he looks within people always searching for common ground to relate to when building relationships.  The pandemic has taught him that he can do a lot with a little.


"Brandon is a young man of strong character, deliberate effort as a student, a good friend, and all-around terrific young man.  I know Brandon will continue on the terrific trajectory he has been on over the course of his four years at The Frederick Gun School.  He has made us proud." – Peter Becker, Advisor, The Frederick Gun School. 

Mr. Peterson will attend Howard University pursuing a degree in Business and Finance.  He looks forward to immersing himself within the HBCU experience while pursuing his goal to excel in the world of finance, and have an impact on gender equity, and equal pay for women in the professional sports industry.

"Both genders should be treated with the same respect and given the same treatment across all sports.  I want to advocate for more change as my life goes on, speak out on social media, and stand up for my gender counterparts." – Brandon Peterson


We wish our 2021 Angela Pauling Scholars

great success and have no doubt they will

not only reach their goals, but surpass them!

– Malik Melodies Sisterhood, Inc.

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Shalena Boca

 MMSI's Inaugural Scholarship Recipient

Shalena attended

Pace University and majored in Business Management.  Shalena graduated in 2017 and is currently pursuing her graduate studies at

Fordham University. 




Kelvin attended

Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology pursuing a degree in Aircraft Operations.




Jessica attended

Mercy College pursuing her dream to become a Physician's Assistant.




Jodie-Ann is a

Culinary Arts Management major.  She attended Johnson and Wales University




Nina attended

Lehman College majoring in Biology with a Pre-Med focus.  Her goal is to attend medical school to become a surgeon.

Nina graduated from Lehman in December 2020.  The pandemic did not slow her down!

Well Done!!


Nancy Asante3.jpg

Nancy Asante

Nancy attends

Siena College pursuing a degree in Engineering, with aspirations of becoming an Aerospace or

Mechanical Engineer.


Elizabeth Hurtado Head Shot2.jpg



Elizabeth attends

Iona College pursuing a degree in Business Management with aspirations of developing her own cosmetics line and

salon brand.





Shjan attends 

Howard University pursuing a degree in Marketing.  Her goal is to become an entrepreneur and empower her community to attain financial freedom and to advocate for gender equity for women.




Renee will attend

Barnard College of Columbia University pursuing a degree in Biochemistry, followed by medical school.  Her goal is to become a cardiothoracic surgeon.




Brandon will attend

Howard University pursuing a degree in Business and Finance.  His goal is to excel in the world of finance and have an impact on gender equity and equal pay for women in the professional sports industry.



Future Scholar






Future Scholar






Future Scholar

Our Most Gracious Ancestor

Angela Pauling was one of the 24 founding members of MMSI. 

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Scholarship Background:​

Angela Collette Pauling was one of twenty-four conscious and innovative women who founded the Malik Melodies Sisterhood, Inc. on December 14, 1978, at the Long Island University /C.W. Post Campus.  Our Most Gracious Ancestor, Angela was a loving wife and mother of two children, but will be remembered for her kindness and joyful smile which she shared with all.  Angela was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and fought valiantly until her transition on the afternoon of July 28, 2010.

The Malik Melodies Sisterhood, Inc. established this memorial scholarship for our late founder with a mission consistent with her lifetime commitment to business, fashion, management and providing assistance to those in need.  The Angela Pauling Memorial Scholarship was established for college-bound senior students who are from Angela Pauling's high school Harry S. Truman High School located in the Bronx, NY, and children of active MMSI members.

​​Application Eligibility Criteria:
The Angela Pauling Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to African-American and Latino college-bound high school seniors who have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of B or better, a SAT Score of 1100 or better and has been accepted to a four-year bachelor's degree program.  Candidates must demonstrate commitment to community service and financial need based upon information on the Student Aid Report (SAR) and the FAFSA.  Applicants are required to submit an essay, in not more than two double-spaced pages, on a woman's issue which they are concerned with as well as describing the work they have done in the community.


Careers in Business Administration, Management, Fashion and Human Service Fields.