My Brown Baby:
This blog was started by our very own, Denene Miller. She, along with her staff, address several issues affecting today's society from politics, media, beauty, the family, and more. Check it out!

Art by Tisha Gary-Ward:

This site showcases our Sister, Tisha Gary-Ward's art work. You'll be able to place orders, learn about her work, and receive any updates. Support our Sister Tisha!

Feminine Transitions:
MGM Kim Bright, on behalf of MMSI, has been helping to promote Alyscia Cunningham's forthcoming coffee table book Feminine Transitions. As a result Ms. Cunningham is donating 5% from each book sale to the Malik Melodies Sisterhood, Inc. and other girl/women empowerment organizations.  Ms. Cunningham is self-publishing and is pre-selling her book to finance the publishing.  Visit and support Feminine Transitions as well as MMSI.  Please make an investment in pre-ordering a book (or two!!) and be sure to select MMSI as your preference at for MMSI to receive the 5% donation.  Feminine Transitions will make great gifts!!

The Malik Melodies Sisterhood, Inc. prides itself on  its dedication to continue serving and educating our communities. MMSI works on establishing long lasting partnerships through its service. Please take time to visit and support some of the following sites and/or to increase your knowledge on several topics. 



MALIK Fraternity, Inc. is a brotherhood founded on strong principles of social responsibility, with the goal of creating a common fellowship that rests on a solid foundation. As a groundbreaking and progressive organization fueled by its dedicated members, MALIK Fraternity Inc. has made a significant mark in the Black and Latino community for over 35 years. The MALIK Fraternity Incorporated was the first African Fraternity founded in the Western hemisphere. Inherent in the organization's purpose was the goal of the reclamation of the "stolen legacy." The stolen legacy is a term used to acknowledge the connection of western civilization to African continental and cultural history, while affording proper recognition of the African contributions to world civilization.

The fraternity was founded on May 13th, 1977 at the C.W.Post Campus of Long Island University by fifteen, young, conscious and highly motivated men. Influenced by the time of enlightenment and heightened social awareness, their founders recognized the need for a redefinition of themselves and their culture especially to instill a deeper sense of pride in their people's identity. Through this desire, they were able to design a college fraternity based on the truth of African and Latino people, while building on the elevating cultural pride, activism and community restoration of the 1960's and 70's. ​​

Malik Melodies Sisterhood, Inc.

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