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Our Founders

Gloria Bradshaw
Mercedes Correa
Natalie Cowart
Pamela Dudley
Donette Ferguson
Coral Fraser
Pamela Garrod
Adris Graham
Nellida Hemmings
Dorothy Johnson
Lisa Jones




On December 14, 1978, at the Long Island University/C.W. Post Campus, twenty-four conscious and innovative women came together to establish the Malik Melodies Sisterhood, Inc.  Since 1978, MMSI's primary focus has been to develop leaders and instill motivation, determination, and a sense of commitment within women who address issues that confront them in the educational and professional environment as well as in the communities where they reside.​



Gail Jordan
Celeste Martinez
Noemi Martinez
Bonnie McCoy
Michelle Mikell
Iris Ortiz
Angela Pauling
Felicia Peterson
Sabrina Sanders
Darlene Scott
Jill Tappan
Miriam Torres
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