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Celebrating Our Sisters

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Dr. Nathalie C. Lilavois SPEAKS!


Dr. Nathalie Lilavois | The Next Phase | SPEAK: Growth 


After working hard for many years, what happens when you suddenly stop?  Many people dream of retirement, but they may not be ready for the transition.  In this SPEAK Talk, Dr. Nathalie Lilavois shares her journey from her work-life to her retirement-life and what this milestone represents.


Welcome to SPEAK: a platform for people with ideas and stories who choose to stand up and SPEAK.  Learn more about SPEAK and our future events here:

#MuseumsSoWhite: Black Pain and Why Painting Emmett Till Matters
by Dr. Lisa Whittington

NBCBLK caught up with artist, educator, and speaker, Dr. Lisa Whittington to talk about artist intention, her own paintings of Emmett Till, and documenting black pain authentically. Gracious Melody Dr. Lisa Whittington is a TEDx Deer Park participant who presented the topic, "What Does Art Want With You?" 

 To read the interview in its entirety

How She Sent Him and How She Got Him Back" (2012) by Lisa Whittington

Kathleen D. Taylor and Shatara Curry -
MMSI's We Lead, We Laugh! Comedy Fundraiser

** profanity warning **
Dizzy Gillespie: Jazz & Latin Music

Written by

Gracious Melody, Anita (Gillespie) Wallace

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter decreed the month of June as "Black Music Month".  Since then, President Barack Obama renamed the month to "African American Music Appreciation Month" (AAMAM) also known as “Black Music Month”. In celebration of AAMAM, I'd like to recognize my cousin & jazz pioneer Dizzy Gillespie. John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie was born in Cheraw, South Carolina in 1917.....

Anita with Dizzy in his backyard,

early 1990’s

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