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Cultural Enrichment & Education

MMSI is dedicated to academic excellence and continuing education within the areas of business, arts, humanities and our rich historic culture.

“Planting Seeds” – Is an emerging study group and series of informal educational forums to generate cultural awareness and aide in reclaiming our cultural memory. MMSI’s forums will provide an environment and opportunity to discuss history, historic events or leaders; chronicle contributions of African,  African-American, Latino and other people of color who have made contributions to the world commonly not acknowledged in most history books.  It’s imperative to understand the past to make good of our future. Our children must understand that we are the descendants of Queens and Kings and people of color have made a significant impact on world history.


MMSI acknowledges the importance of honoring our Ancestors and those who have come before paving the way…so that we may continue to pave the way for generations yet to come.

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