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Rok Nation is a dance team that was formed in 2015 in Far Rockaway, NY. Our team consists of males and females ranging from ages 6- 16 years old.  Our practices are held weekly at The Child Center of NY’s Beach 41st Cornerstone Community Center site, where a wide range of techniques are offered to our participants from volunteer leaders with an extensive background in dance. In addition to our dance program, participants are given an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, as well as travel and gain new experiences outside of their community at no cost to participant’s or their families. 


Through various exercises, Rok Nation participants not only build confidence and boost self-esteem, but are taught to be contributing citizens in their neighborhoods and society. As a dance team, we look for innovative, creative and dedicated individuals that will help Rok Nation grow as a group. We pride ourselves on giving an equal opportunity to individuals interested in joining our team and gaining a challenging experience.

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Dwayne "Deacon" Jackson

“Music has this incredible ability to connect one person to another. With all life’s trials and triumphs, battles and celebrations, I’m telling the world my story and I want them to get to know me through my music.” 

Born and raised in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, N.Y., Deacon was determined to prevail over circumstances and surroundings and his passion for music would be his way out. His unforgettable vocals and powerful delivery grew out of singing in the church choir at the age of four. 

Deacon attended Lafayette High School in Brooklyn, where he had the opportunity to perform at numerous fashion shows and his very own graduation ceremony.  

Through affiliations with By Any Means Marketing LLC, Deacon performed at numerous prominent venues and showcases including “Faces in the Crowd.” In addition, Deacon had the honor of performing the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden, and at Rucker Park for the EBC Celebrity basketball game, and his second single “Deacon Step 2” was played as a score in the dramatic comedy “Madea’s Family Reunion.”

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The Goode Dance Project NYC


Our mission at the Goode Dance Project NYC is to train well rounded young performers.  Our goal is to reach under-served communities and allow them to experience the fine arts.  Coming from communities with limited positive influences, we want to nurture our children's creativity and challenge them to reach for the stars and achieve their dreams.  Through performance they will learn confidence, discipline, character, teamwork, as well as self-reliance


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AbunDance Academy For The Arts


“In AbunDance, there’s Dance”  AbunDance Academy of the Arts is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide stellar arts programming to students of All Ages who seek enrichment within the AbunDance that all of the Arts provides. We foster a nurturing environment that emphasizes a well- rounded and thorough approach to the Arts, and more importantly, to Life. With a healthy and robust curriculum, we offer specialized classes, on a sliding scale,  in DANCE, THEATRE, VOCAL & MUSIC PERFORMANCE, as well as ADULT FITNESS, HEALTH and WELLNESS.

Our diverse faculty roster includes highly skilled teaching artists who are passionate about their artistry and the budding artistry of each and every student that attends classes here at AbunDance Academy of the Arts. Our goal is to groom artists of vast backgrounds and hone tremendous creativity and superb talent in one place. AbunDance Academy gives our students/ clients the opportunity to explore their passions without having to travel to another borough or neighborhood. Conveniently located in Prospect Heights/ Lefferts Garden, AbunDance Academy of the Arts is truly a place where “In AbunDance, there’s Dance!”

Our Purpose at the Goode Dance Project NYC is to give the gift of the arts to our community.  The children will explore various genres of dance through classes in Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Liturgical and African. Vocal, Drama, Spoken Word, and Comedy Workshops are given to allow the children the opportunity to find their niche.


Our goal is to help each child bring their special gifts to the surface, by allowing their talents to flourish and shine. We want them to learn that they can achieve anything they set their hearts and minds to and to press on when odds are against them.


Performance is crucial in building character.  Through performance they will learn confidence, focus, discipline, teamwork as well as self-reliance.  These traits are not only necessary for well-rounded performers, but also for well-rounded individuals.  Elite means best or most skilled member of a group.  That's is the belief we want to instill in the students; if they try hard, they will be the best and most skillful.


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