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12:15- 12:45pm Workshop 1 

12:55- 1:25pm   Lunch

 1:35- 2:05pm   Workshop 2


12:15- 12:45pm Workshop 1 

12:55- 1:25pm  Workshop 2

 1:35-2:05pm   Lunch


12:15- 12:45pm  Lunch

12:55- 1:25pm  Workshop 1

 1:35- 2:05pm   Workshop 2

Please read all the directions carefully before selecting your schedule. There are three time slots for the afternoon.  One is a lunch break and two are workshops that you choose.  Please select your lunch block first then the two different workshops. At the event you will receive a colored bracelet corresponding to your schedule. Please read through all of the workshops before making your selections. Please make sure you select two different workshops. You may not choose the same workshop for both of your sessions. Workshop choices are final once you exit registration and cannot be changed. Your schedule will follow one of these three formats:  

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